Some of the essentials from the guide:

  • The basic mechanics of forming a habit
  • The one reason we fail to stick to a habit
  • A dozen+ effective methods for overcoming that obstacle (tested by me and many others)
  • Solutions to the most common habit problems
  • A whole section on forming the most common habits: exercise, eating healthily, meditation, journaling, writing, sleeping well, beating procrastination and more.

Trust me, this book is packed as full as I could pack it with all the best methods for forming habits, ones that I’ve tested on myself and many people I’ve coached in the 11+ years I’ve been forming habits.

This book is aimed at:

  • Beginners who want a guide to forming habits
  • Anyone who has struggled with habits
  • People who are willing to put in the work to form one habit at a time
  • People who want to learn to be flexible, overcome struggle, form mindfulness

If you’re an advanced habit practitioner, you probably won’t need this. I only briefly talk about more advanced topics like quitting a bad habit or forming irregular or emotional/mental habits or other difficult practices. I’m going to put out a course in the Spring called “Habit Mastery” that will focus on these types of topics.

But for everyone else, I think this is a great guide. If you’re ready to change your life, one habit at a time, I highly recommend this ebook.

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